Inside Shoot

6 Tips For Taking Better Architectural Photography

1) Stabilize Your Camera – It is very important to have a good tripod and do not be afraid to use it. When taking architectural photographs you want as much light on the cameras sensor to create an impressive shot. By allowing more light it will require a very stable camera.

2) Close the Aperture – By shooting at a lower aperture will allow you to minimize any lens errors. When shooting with the aperture in a wider position it can create good artistic effects. Most of the time when shooting architectural photographs you will want  a greater depth of field, so f8 or above will work fine in most situations.

3) Focal Length – When shooting architectural photography you will usually want a good wide angle view which means you will need a wide angle lens anywhere from 12mm to 35mm.

4) Shoot Low ISO – Since your camera will be stable on a tripod you should not have any trouble allowing enough light into your camera. Since the building does not move you can go with a longer shutter speed to minimize noise.

5) Camera Position – By placing your camera close to a building using your wide angle lens the effect can be very impressive since the size of the objects in the foreground will appear different than the ones in the back ground. If you are further away from your object using a longer focal length will bring the objects closer together.

6) Converging Lines – To give your photographs the most amount of realism in architectural photography it is important to keep your vertical lines vertical. The best way to do this is by increasing the distance between you and the building you are photographing.