Web Video

What Type Of Video Can I Add To My Website?

There are many different types of web videos you can add to your website to increase sales, sign ups, or phone calls.

1)A How To Video is very popular for websites and blogs which can bring a lot of traffic to your site. The how to video can go into great detail explaining a product or simply demonstrate how to use a product like refilling an ink cart.  

2) An Information Sharing Video can show the willingness to help others by providing information about a product or service that can be placed on a blog or social media site. Educating your customers with an information video is good for your business and also acts as a public service. An example of an information sharing video would be an accountant that shares important tax tips or a financial advisor recommending certain investment options.

3) A good produced Promotional Video does not need to break your budget with expensive production techniques like you see on television. Your company promotional video should simply explain the services you offer and what the benefits are of using your company. When a company can get across that they are passionate about the work they do it demonstrates a strong message to your customer which ends up in successful sales.

4) An Outreach Video is a great way to share specific information or an upcoming event that might be going on in your community. Video is a great way to create a buzz about an event and get people excited to attend.

5) A Testimonial Video is a good way to promote a service or product. By using actual customers who have had a good experience with your product is an excellent way to reinforce your message out and create more sales.