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Protecting Your Slides and Photos From Natural Disasters

Whether it is fire season, tornado season or any other natural disaster that can be a threat to your family history of slides and photos, they need to be scanned and saved onto a digital format. A natural disaster, fire or flood will be unforgiving and has the potential to destroy your family photos and slides forever. When something like this occurs there is no warning when it is about to happen forcing you to react quickly and head for safety. That is why it is so important to take the time and have your family photos and slides scanned and put onto a digital format to avoid loosing memories that cannot be replaced. If you have hundreds or even thousands of photos or slides it is a good idea to prioritize what pictures are the most important and start with those.

This is going to mean going through and selecting what pictures you should start with. This is also a good time to weed out the pictures that have little to no meaning. There is no reason to scan a photo or slide of a plant if it has no significant value. When having your pictures scanned there are a few options on what to have them saved to. You can back them up on your computer, put them onto an external hard drive or thumb drive or save them to disc. What ever your choice may be always create a second backup for safety reasons and store it in a different location. You also have the opportunity to save your pictures on the cloud which is stored online with a service and is accessible at anytime. By using the cloud service if anything were to ever happen to your original digital files you could access them through your cloud account.

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